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Why does the CHE not publish raw data from the student questionnaires?
In order to ensure privacy and to protect the data of the students taking part in the interviews, the CHE does not publish any raw data from the student interviews. Students are asked, among other things, for their age, sex, semester of study, etc. Some students, especially if enrolled in small study programmes, are afraid of being able to be identified by their professors. The CHE is interested in an unprejudiced and anonymous assessment of the study conditions and therefore promises that student data are not conveyed to third parties. However, in order to meet the information requirements of the HEIs, the CHE provides members of participating HEIs (e.g. management, deans, student councils) with aggregate detailed analyses of the student interviews relating to their own HEI or department for free. These analyses help to identify weaknesses and to initiate improvements. In addition, the CHE publishes the questionnaires used for the ranking and a detailed description of the methods of analysis applied in an informational booklet. This booklet is available for download as a PDF file . This is done to ensure significant transparency and to allow scientific discussion surrounding the CHE UniversityRanking. With the help of the questionnaires and the methodology booklet, interested parties can repeat the examinations that take place to compile the CHE UniversityRanking. In the past, many departments have repeated the analysis and their results usually concur with the results of the CHE UniversityRanking.
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