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Can conclusions be drawn from the results of the CHE UniversityRanking student questionnaires regarding the quality of the graduates from a HEI?
The CHE UniversityRanking primarily serves potential students. It is designed to help them choose a suitable HEI and simplify their process of reviewing the higher education landscape. To achieve this, the CHE collects assessments (by students, graduates and professors) and data (e.g. doctoral theses, research funds, publications or patents). The combination of these assessments and facts gives a differentiated picture of the performance of HEIs in teaching and research. Student assessments in the CHE UniversityRanking state how students presently assess the study situation at their HEI (e.g. rooms, libraries, opportunities for study trips abroad, mentoring and tutoring). However, student interviews do not measure the performance of individual students. This means that it is not possible to draw conclusions on the quality of the graduates from the results of a department in the student interviews. This simply means that we can assume that students in a “well-ranked” department discovered better study conditions there. Student interviews expose weaknesses in the study conditions of individual HEIs which might trigger a process of change and improvement from which students will benefit in the end. The CHE supports HEIs in the analysis of their need for improvement by making available to them, free of charge, the relevant detailed analyses from the student interviews.
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