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What is bibliometrics and how does the CHE use it?
Academic research results are generally made public via publications. Bibliometric analyses help give a picture of publication activity and, if applicable, the impact of the publication by (I think this must mean “on the”) university academics in the subjects examined. In essence, the publication analysis carried out for the CHE UniversityRanking is not based on an acquisition of all publications in the relevant period but on inquiries in subject databases, whose content meets certain quality requirements. For a relative ranking, handling publications the same way for all the faculties involved is more important than completeness. From 2006, the ranking includes publications by professors and academics holding a doctorate degree, excluding the field of medicine, and only the “publications per professor” indicator is drawn from these.

If the database used is the (Social) Science Citation Index, the impact of a paper can be measured on the basis of citations and be listed as “citations per publication”.
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