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Which indicators are selected for the “compact ranking”?
The “compact ranking” presents four to six selected criteria on the Internet and in the print version of the ZEIT study guide.

For every subject, up to 34 different criteria are ranked. These criteria relate, for example, to student structure, study success, internationality, equipment or research activity in the relevant department. As the CHE UniversityRanking gives no aggregate values of different criteria, there are up to 34 different ranking lists per subject. For basic orientation, we first select those criteria that we felt are especially interesting for the respective subject. The selected indicators differ from subject to subject, but usually consist of student assessments of the overall study situation, the HEIs reputation among professors, a research indicator (e.g. number of doctorates, publications or third party funds), an equipment indicator (e.g. student assessments on libraries or the number of therapy rooms), and one further assessment (e.g. student assessments on the student council, tutoring or contact with teachers). The “compact ranking” on the Internet leads you to detailed pages where the individual indicators are presented with the corresponding values and ranking groups. In addition, the “my ranking” function offers the possibility for users to create a personalized ranking based on the selection of up to five indicators they find personally important.
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