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Does the ranking reflect only subjective assessments about HEIs?
Rankings are often accused of reflecting only subjective opinions and assessments about HEIs, which do not correctly portray the “real” situation at HEIs. This accusation may by the case for some rankings that only ask students, professors or employers for their assessments. However, it does not apply to the CHE UniversityRanking.

The approach of our ranking is to give a precise and differentiated picture of study conditions and the performance of HEIs. This includes the assessments of students at their own HEI, as well as facts and data regarding the HEI. As the “users” or “customers” of HEIs, students are a key factor at an HEI and they can competently assess study conditions and teaching. But the ranking goes far beyond this. We have collected a range of facts about the HEIs from different data sources. Depending on the subject, the ranked indicators include indicators for research activities such as the number of doctorates, publications, amount of research funds spent, or the share of teaching given by professors with a background of practical experience working in their field.
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