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The CHE UniversityRanking is drawn up on the basis of methodical standards that distinguish the various CHE rankings from other German or English rankings in four key areas:

  • It is strictly subject-related. There is no comparison of entire HEIs on a level that goes beyond the subjects. This is based on the belief that there is no such thing as "the best HEI". HEIs have individual profiles with strengths and weaknesses in different subjects
  • It is multi-dimensional. This means that, for a given subject, no overall value is derived from weighted individual indicators. HEIs have very individual strengths and weaknesses even within a subject (such as course offerings, tutoring and equipment). In addition, there is no empirical or theoretical basis on which to give weighting to individual indicators. We have to assume that the preferences that lead the target group of first-year students to make decisions are heterogeneous. A pre-determined weighting of indicators would contradict this.
  • It gives a picture of HEIs from different perspectives. In addition to facts about departments and study programmes, the views of lecturers and students are also taken into account when drawing up the ranking. This forms a more differentiated picture than that which exists in rankings that are based only on one particular group (such as students or staff managers) and therefore allows for contrasts to be made between subjective assessments and objective indicators.
  • They do not give HEIs an individual ranking position but rather assign HEIs to three ranking groups, namely top group, middle group and end group. This is in order to avoid the misinterpretation of minor differences in the nominal value indicator as differences in performance and quality.
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