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News vom 27.10.2010

CHE ExcellenceRanking 2010: The best departments in Europe for future researchers

130 universities in Europe offer outstanding, research-strong departments with an international orientation for master’s and doctoral students in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics; for this accomplishment, they belong to the "Excellence Group" of the CHE ExcellenceRanking 2010.

Eight criteria were important for selection: number of publications, number of citations, student and staff mobility, and presence of Erasmus Mundus master’s programmes or Marie-Curie projects. Likewise, a deciding factor was whether researchers earned an ERC Grant or a Nobel Prize within their specialist area.

Aside from the abundant quantitative data, the CHE ExcellenceRanking also features a large amount of useful information on master’s and doctoral study programmes, including facts about the research groups and their emphases as well as on the size of the faculties, terms of admission and accommodation facilities. Current students have also shared their judgments regarding student conditions for the benefit of prospective students.

All of this is available online in the CHE ExcellenceRanking, with the results of this year’s round of the natural science subject areas (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Mathematics as well as the results from last year’s analysis of the subjects Economics, Psychology and Political Science. With this, the CHE-ExcellenceRanking 2010 comprises information from over 4.500 research groups in 19 countries which interested future scientists can refer to in their search for a relevant programme.

The detailed results of the CHE ExcellenceRanking is available on the internet and published on October 28 in the German weekly magazine DIE ZEIT.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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