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the multidimensional ranking of higher education institutions

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  • For the individual indicators (e.g. percentage of international students), the respective requirements are defined in terms of minimum requirements. Points are earned when these requirements are fulfilled. For some indicators, e.g. "practical experience of lecturers" and "share of teaching by external lecturers with practical background", specific medians of universities and Fachhochschulen were taken as a basis as the two types of institutions differ considerably on this point.
  • The four dimensions areas are weighted equally in the overall assessment. As the dimensions have different numbers of maximum points (due to varying number of indicators), the points have been standardised to a value of 15 credits.
  • Discussions were held with experts and a number of departments in regards to the relevance of the internationality competency area for technical programmes. Most experts argued that internationalisation in those programs is not as important as it is for other fields. As a result, internationality is not included in the overall rating for technical programmes. However, the evaluation of internationality is displayed as extra information outside the overall rating. This allows those programmes characterised by a high level of internationalisation (according to the evaluation criteria) to be highlighted.
  • A maximum of 60 points can be earned from the four competency areas that make up business studies programmes; a maximum of 45 credits from the three competency areas in technical programmes. An overall rating was derived from these total figures ranging from ***** to * stars. Category 0 includes those areas that received the lowest rating.

    The rating is calculated on the basis of the following graded scale.
    Business Studies Technical Programmes
    max 60 credits max 45 credits
    ***** minimum 50 credits ***** minimum 37 credits
    **** 40 to 49 credits **** 30 to 36 credits
    *** 30 to 39 credits *** 22 to 29 credits
    ** 20 to 29 credits ** 15 to 21 credits
    * 10 to 19 credits * 7 to 14 credits
    0 < 10 credits 0 < 7 credits
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