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News vom 28.10.2008

European Commission Supports CHE Ranking Initiative

We are proud to announce that the European Commission recently expressed its support for the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development’s ExcellenceRanking. Excellence and Top Group European universities of this initiative are directly concerned. In his letter dated September 19, 2008, Ján Figel, member of the European Commission responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, affirmed official support for the CHE’s project, specifically encouraging its endeavours to develop “tools to produce multi-dimensional rankings based on robust, relevant and widely accepted methodologies.”

More specifically, his letter stated:

Today there is a wealth of information available on higher education institutions and their programmes but no compass to navigate through it. The Commission’s main interest in education and training is to help member states and their institutions to improve the quality of their education and training systems and in particular to make it easier for students to make an informed choice on where and what to study, but offering accessible, transparent and comparable information.

The Commission is of the opinion that many existing rankings do not really fulfil this purpose, e.g. because they focus on research aspects rather than teaching, and on entire institutions rather than programmes and departments. In order to achieve a mapping of European higher education that provides guidance and transparency we need ranking tools that take into account the existing diversity in terms of languages, subject areas, profiles, student services, research and teaching quality. CHE is among the projects which are giving an important contribution towards this objective.

We believe that the official support of the European Commission underlines the importance of multidimensional and subject-specific approaches in general. Moreover, this support may be of assistance to European universities’ endeavours in attracting the best and brightest international students.

The official letter from the European Commission can be accessed by clicking on the link to the right.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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