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News vom 20.02.2008

ResearchRanking 2007: top group holds its ground

In the CHE ResearchRanking 2007, the universities of Frankfurt a.M., Freiburg, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and TU München) and Stuttgart again have a large share of research-intense faculties. They gained top group status in at least half of the subjects covered by the ranking.

Altogether, 16 disciplines were examined. Data for English Studies, Electrical and Information Engineering, Pedagogy, History, Mechanical Engineering and Psychology have been updated. This was last done in 2004.
Compared with the 2006 CHE ResearchRanking, the seven top group universities listed could present themselves afresh as particularly active research universities, except for the university of Göttingen which is no longer in the top group. It does, however, remain close to the top group with seven of 13 possible research-intense disciplines, together with the HU Berlin and the Universität zu Köln.

”The comparison with former ResearchRankings reveals that over the years some universities constantly appear in the top range,” says Sonja Berghoff, head of project for the CHE ResearchRanking. “The TU München is at the top of the list, shining this time with seven of eight possible top positions.” There are 40 universities in the midrange, scoring in at least one subject with a special research performance. The universities of Leipzig and Oldenburg have climbed into the midrange. There are 17 universities among those that are strong in research in none of the examined subjects.

The CHE ResearchRanking is based on the research-related data of the CHE UniversityRanking. Criteria for the respective subjects were the number of procured third party funds, publications and doctorates, and for Engineering, included the number of inventions made by an HEI. Apart from data referred to for the formation of the top group, midrange group and bottom group, the reputation of the departments among professors was also investigated. This shows that some faculties have hidden strengths in terms of research performance.

DIE ZEIT, media partner of the CHE ResearchRanking, published a selection of the results for Engineering in the edition of 21st February 2008.

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