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News vom 10.08.2007

Pilot project in Saxony: higher education policy inspired by demographic change

The CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development and the Land of Saxony are working in partnership to develop an overall strategy for higher education policy in response to the demographic change.

For many years, Saxony has been addressing, concertedly and continuously, the consequences that the demographic change will have for several policy areas. As far as the core topic of “higher education” is concerned, the Land is now cooperating with the CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development. A comprehensive strategy will be set out in a pilot project. The objectives drawn up will be harmonised with the current higher education steering mechanisms. At the same time, Saxony and the CHE will also have to reach consensus on prognostic risks.

In Saxony, pupil numbers are decreasing continuously, resulting in fewer numbers of school leavers qualifying for entry into higher education. In the next few years, ever fewer prospective students will enrol at Saxony’s higher education institutions. This situation demands action by the higher education institutions themselves but also in terms of policy because a declining number of academics means less specialists for qualified work. Dismantling Saxony’s higher education system would clearly impact the future prospects of the Land.

The Office of the Minister President of Saxony, which is leading the debate on demographic change, is CHE’s cooperation partner.

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