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News vom 09.08.2007

CHE UniversityRanking updated – the number of page views have shown a marked increase

The CHE UniversityRanking has been offered in English since 2003. Under the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - DAAD) presents the English version of the information on German higher education institutions. The updated version of the ranking is now online.

Every year, one third of the whole range of disciplines under the CHE UniversityRanking is analysed anew. The 2006/2007 run included Humanities and Engineering and the disciplines of English/American Studies, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering, Pedagogy, German Studies, History, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering. Romance studies was a new addition.

In early 2007, the already pleasing number of page views on the site could be markedly increased, in part as a result of the transition to another section of the DAAD web presence. Page hits on the site in 2005 were at about 6,000 per day. Numbers jumped to 7,000 in 2006 and to 11,000 in early 2007 – a increase of 60 percent from 2006 to 2007. With more than 30 ranked disciplines, the CHE UniversityRanking is presently the most comprehensive and most detailed ranking in German speaking countries. Apart from facts concerning study programmes, teaching and research, the ranking contains the judgements of almost 300,000 students on their study conditions and the reputation of the departments under the professors of the individual disciplines.

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