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News vom 18.07.2007

OECD paper recommends CHE ranking methodology

In the „Education Working Paper No. 8" of the OECD, Prof. Dr. Simon Marginson, University of Melbourne, and Prof. Dr. Marijk van der Wende, University of Twente, focus on globalisation, higher education and the impact of cross-border mobility of students which increased the interest in world-wide comparisons of higher education institutions (HEIs). Thus the question of rankings arise.

They state that "university rankings simplify the complex world of higher education in two areas of great public and privat interest: institutional performance, and institutional status. They emphasise vertical differences between institutions and between nations; that is differences of power and authority. They obscure horizontal differences, in the form of differences of purpose and type”. Marginson und van der Wende contrast these approaches with their principles for a meaningful comparison of higher education institutions which are more less identical with the principles of the CHE ranking:

„Institutions should not be ranked as a whole but on their various functions taken separately including the different aspects of research and teaching, and the different disciplines, locations and discrete service functions. The system of rankings should be based on a transparent balance of facts about performance and perceptions of performance based on peer review. Ranking methods should generate information relevant for different stakeholders and provide data and information that are internationally accessible and comparative. Because ‘quality is in the eye of the beholder’ , ranking should be interactive for users, particularly students. Users should be able to interrogate the data on institutional performance using their own chosen criteria.”

The philosophy and methodological approach inherent to the CHE ranking is presented as a benchmark for international comparisons of higher education institutions as such.

In: Simon Marginson and Marijk van der Wende (2007): Globalisation and Higher Education; OECD Education Working Paper No. 8, p. 55-61
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