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News vom 17.07.2007

CHE report on foreign study funding systems

The CHE has launched a report on tuition fees and student funding systems in 26 countries within and outside of Europe. How do you finance a full-time study programme abroad? What conditions do higher education institutions (HEIs) that want to send students to countries that may charge tuition fees have to observe? These questions are becoming increasingly important as more and more students want to spend semesters abroad during their study programme

Not only do semesters abroad broaden one’s horizons, but the HEIs themselves are increasingly considering an active exchange of students as a central element of their own strategies. Added to this is the fact that over the next 15 years there will be an enormous increase in the number of prospective first year students to challenge Western Germany’s higher education system considerably. As the higher education system will hardly be able to raise its number of study places by up to 20%, more and more school leavers will choose study programmes abroad. This makes it even more important to know all about the conditions for admission in other countries, the cost of the study fees and ways of funding the study programme.

These conditions differ considerably from country to country. We can distinguish two basic groups of countries: in the 22 European target countries considered in this report, there are relatively uniform provisions for admission and financing fees, whereas in the most important English-speaking countries outside of Europe, the conditions vary from HEI to HEI. The CHE study presents - apart from the 22 European target countries - the admission and funding conditions for 95 universities in Australia, Canada and the United States and offers contact information for more than 4,500 European HEIs.

With this study, the CHE offers a service that helps prospective students as well as HEIs to find key information as quickly as possible.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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