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News vom 08.05.2007

Findings from the latest CHE University Ranking published

The quality of higher education institutions has once again been assessed. The CHE has tested more than 250 universities and Fachhochschulen in the most comprehensive University Ranking for German-speaking countries, including – in addition to the German institutions - higher education institutions from Switzerland and Austria.

A selection of key findings was published on 9 May 2007 in the new DIE ZEIT study guide 2007/08. One third of the entire range of disciplines is subject to a fresh evaluation each year. This year’s evaluation included: English Studies/American Studies, Architecture, Construction Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, Educational Science, German Studies, History, Mechanical Engineering, Psychology and Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering. Romance Studies was included for the first time.

A short summary of some of the findings:

Psychology: Jena and Konstanz highly estimated by students and professors

The universities of Jena and Konstanz are both rated highly by students and professors: Psychology students are highly satisfied with their overall study situation while professors allow them a leading role in research. Moreover, both universities are in the top group in terms of procuring of third-party funding. According to professors, the LMU München is also considered one of the top performers in the area of research. Psychology students at the universities Freiburg, Heidelberg, Marburg and TU Dresden give their institutions good marks in tutoring, and they are also particularly satisfied with their overall study situation and the focus on professional training.

Educational Science: FU Berlin and Universität Bielefeld have a good reputation for research; positive assessment by students of overall study situation

Students at the universities of Oldenburg, Regensburg and Tübingen are satisfied with their overall study situation, and very satisfied with the staff-to-student-ratio and the library equipment. According to professors, the FU Berlin, HU Berlin, Universität Bielefeld and LMU München are leading in terms of research. FU Berlin and Universität Bielefeld have been given a very positive rating with regard to the overall study situation.

Humanities: excellent results for the universities of Freiburg and Tübingen for the study programme and teaching

According to students’ assessments, the study programme and teaching of English Studies/American Studies, German Studies and History at the universities of Freiburg and Tübingen are again given a top ranking on the whole. As regards research in these disciplines, the FU Berlin and LMU München are the top performers. These two universities also hold the top positions for Romance Studies, along with the universities of Freiburg and Tübingen.

Engineering: good reputation for research at the Universität Karlsruhe; FTH Zürich receives good rating for Architecture

In Architecture, the Universität Stuttgart and the ETH Zürich are in the top group with regard to student satisfaction with the overall study situation. Professors also put the universities’ research and reputation as among the best. Students gave good marks also to the universities of Hannover, Weimar and Wuppertal as well as to the Akademie der bildenden Künste Stuttgart. Professors have also recommended the Fachhochschulen in Biberach, Munich, Münster and Stuttgart for a Fachhochschul study programme.

The Universität Karlsruhe received excellent results for civil engineering in both research and teaching. Professors have recommended the Fachhochschulen in Biberach, Munich, Aachen and Karlsruhe for a Fachhochschul study programme in this discipline.

Electrical Engineering/Information Technology at the Universität Karlsruhe also received excellent marks for research and teaching. Students only criticised the equipment available in classrooms. For a Fachhochschul study programme in this discipline, professors recommend the Fachhochschulen of Aachen and Munich.

Students at TU Darmstadt and the Universität Karlsruhe are very satisfied with the overall study situation in Mechanical Engineering/Process Engineering/Chemical Engineering. Both universities are also in the top group with regard to research. The latter also applies to the RWTH Aachen, ETH Zürich, TU München and Universität Stuttgart. Professors recommend taking up a Fachhochschul study programme in Mechanical Engineering at the Fachhochschulen in Aachen, Esslingen and Munich, and in Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering at the Fachhochschule Mannheim.

A selection of the most important findings was published on 9 May 2007 in the new DIE ZEIT study guide 2007/08.

With over 30 ranked disciplines, the CHE University Ranking is to date the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in all German-speaking countries. In addition to information on studies, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking includes the assessments of almost 300,000 students on the study conditions at their higher education institution as well as the reputation of departments among professors of individual disciplines. A selection of the most important results is published in the new DIE ZEIT study guide 2007/08, which facilitates the entry into student life with articles and tips about studying. The guide offers school-leavers support in finding the right discipline and an appropriate study location and offers tips for starting studies.

The CHE University Ranking is promoted by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung and is published in cooperation with DIE ZEIT. DIE ZEIT and Deutsche Telekom Stiftung have the common wish to offer prospective students just-in-time orientation in choosing the right discipline and thereby cushion the transition from school to university.

On 10 May, DIE ZEIT dedicates a special in the resort ZEIT Chancen to the CHE University Ranking. From 8 May, the ranking can be found on the internet. Users have the chance to put a personalised ranking on-line or to compile detailed information on all study locations, higher education institutions, departments and disciplines.

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