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News vom 20.03.2007

Models for promoting studies abroad

In a current working paper, the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development calls for an improvement of the framework conditions for studies abroad

In 2005, approx. four times as many Germans studied abroad compared to 25 years ago. Between 2000 and 2004 alone, the number of students going abroad increased by one third to approx.70,000. “To continue this trend, additional financial packages must be put together and co-operation within the higher education sector has to be extended,” says Christian Berthold of CHE. The existing Bafög bank loan for studies abroad is insufficient. The CHE study develops two supplementary models on the basis of European trends.

One scheme aims to promote a study year abroad, whereas the second scheme aims to enable students to undertake a full degree study programme abroad. In both cases, state financing should cover part of the costs - living expenses and possible tuition fees. In addition, education loans should be granted. In the case of a study year abroad, funding should be limited to higher education institutions that have fixed university partnerships abroad as well as set rules for the transfer of credits.

From the CHE perspective, the promotional models are also suitable in terms of paving the way for more prospective students, who hold a university entrance qualification, to achieve an academic degree. Over the next 15 years, significantly more first-year students are expected, the result of a high birth rate among certain age groups in addition to the two-fold increase in the number of secondary school leavers following reorganisation of the secondary school system.

Funding examples from Norway and the Netherlands have been examined for the models. The study also presents details of the state of discussion regarding studies abroad within the European context.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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