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News vom 15.01.2007

CHE symposium: record student numbers …university collapse? Higher education institutions facing demographic chance

Ways of making positive use of the increase in the number of first-year students over the next few years will be discussed at a CHE symposium on the 12th-13th of February in Berlin.

There will be 80,000 additional students by 2011, representing a challenge and a chance for education policy as a whole. For this situation, workable concepts have to be developed. At the same time, some Länder are already feeling the effects of demographic change as a result of migration and the drop in the birth rate, both of which will soon be on the agenda in all Länder. Thus, there are two opposing developments that demand solutions for the future.

The programme will focus on three key topics: (1) mobility within Germany – go east; (2) flexibility in the higher education system – go flexible; and (3) studying worldwide – go abroad.

Saxony’s Minister-President Georg Milbradt and higher education ministers from six Länder as well as Michael Thielen, Permanent State Secretary from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, will each be presenting a particular viewpoint and discussing solutions for the upcoming challenges. Aldrik in t`Hout from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science will be presenting the European state of the debate.

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