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News vom 12.10.2007

CHE Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in Natural Sciences (CHE ExcellenceRanking)

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) is working to develop a Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in Natural Sciences which is intended as an orientation guide for undergraduates, helping them find their way around European Higher Education while at the same time helping them to choose a suitable university for their graduate studies: Master’s and PhD.

The project is forming part of the internationalisation activities of the CHE. Besides the extension of the CHE UniversityRanking to neighbour countries such as Austria or the Netherlands, the ExcellenceRanking is another approach to the Europeanisation of CHE ranking endeavours.

The CHE Ranking of Excellent European Graduate Programmes in Natural Sciences (CHE ExcellenceRanking) offers students from Europe as well as from the rest of the world who are interested in research oriented programmes in natural sciences and mathematics a useful tool. The ranking helps those students close to finishing their studies or who have just graduated in finding the European higher education institution (HEI) which best fits their needs, specifically in the domain of graduate education (master’s and doctoral level).

In cooperation with the renowned German weekly newspaper “Die ZEIT”, an online portal is being developed which is designed according to the interests of international students who are intending to enter a master’s or doctoral programme in the fields of natural sciences or mathematics. The ExcellenceRanking is thereby based on the ranking methods of the CHE UniversityRanking including some additional methods and indicators with special relevance to the European context.

The main aims of the project are:
1. to provide a kick-off for new impulses for the European education market and the competition among European HEIs
2. to highlight the increased importance of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA)
3. to develop basic methods and instruments for the extension of the project into other academic fields
4. to serve the public interested in such an instrument.

Preliminary Results:
Approximately 120 HEIs per academic field were able to achieve at least one silver medal in one of the four key indicators (publications, citations, Highly Cited Authors, Marie Curie Projects). However, only approximately 25 per academic field managed to achieve a minimum of 3 silver medals in these four indicators. A total of 56 HEIs which fulfilled this criterion were analysed in-depth based on institutional questionnaires and an online student survey. Besides an exceptionally high overall satisfaction rate of the students, it is remarkable to note the high percentage of international doctoral students and scientific staff (e.g. on average more than 30% in Chemistry).

The results will be published as an interactive website of “Die ZEIT” on December 5, 2007.

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