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News vom 21.08.2006

Annual Faculty Management conference in November

Faculty management and its professionalisation is a pressing topic at many higher education institutions, because there are many reforms having to be implemented at the departmental level, resulting in plenty of new tasks. At many sites, the merger of departments into larger faculties requires a more professional, continuous and at the same time yet scientific carrying out of tasks to support and supplement the office of the dean.

The aim of the annual conference is to provide a broad spread of information and a platform for deans and faculty or departmental managers to discuss further education and exchange ideas. Topics for discussion will include the effect of the new steering instruments on faculties, departmental mergers and the future of Faculty Management.

There will be numerous workshops dealing with, for example, finance management, strategies, personnel costs, target setting and quality management. Poster presentations will give participants information on structures, ways of finding solutions, also “tools” and methods developed by faculties themselves. All of this information will be published after the conference via the Forum Faculty Management portal at

The annual Faculty Management conference will be held at the Umweltforum in Berlin. Hanna Leichsenring and Dr. Jutta Fedrowitz will be in charge of the event.

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