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News vom 18.07.2006

Updated CHE-UniversityRanking

Since May 2003, it has by now been the forth time that the CHE-UniversityRanking was translated into English. Under the German Academic Exchange Service has published its complete English translation including all evaluations and feedback as well as further information on German higher education institutions.

Every year one third of the total spectrum of subjects in the CHE-UniversityRanking is analysed anew. In 2006: Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Pharmacy. New additions were Geography and Earth Sciences. The information on the above mentioned subjects is also now available in English.

With 30 ranked subjects, the CHE-UniversityRanking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in any German-speaking country to date. Apart from facts on studying, training, facilities and research, the ranking includes feedback from more than 250.000 students on study conditions at their institution of higher education, as well as professors’ estimations of the quality of individual departments at different institutions of higher education.

As far as prospective students from abroad are concerned, the ranking has already established itself: In the past few years, the CHE webpage has been visited around 6.000 times per day, on average.

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