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News vom 03.05.2006

Results of current CHE university ranking now in new DIE ZEIT study guide 2006/07

The quality of higher education institutions is again being tested. More than 280 higher education institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were examined by CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development within the context of the biggest university ranking in German-speaking countries. On May 4, 2006 a selection of the results will be published in the new ZEIT study guide. Every year one third of the entire subject range is analysed anew – this year: Medicine, Dentistry, Care/Nursing, Informatics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Pharmacy. Geography and Earth Sciences are newly added.

A brief overview of the overall result of the CHE university ranking:

Medicine: Good study conditions in the new German Länder

According to student ratings there are generally good study conditions in Medicine in the new German Länder. When it comes to their overall study situation and the contact to professors/academics, students from the universities Greifswald, Halle, Magdeburg and Jena are particularly satisfied. For Medicine students, there is, in terms of figures, an ideal ratio of professor to student at the Private Universität Witten-Herdecke and the Swiss universities of Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Basel and Zürich. Bern and Zurich are also highly estimated among professors. In Germany, the departments of Freiburg, Heidelberg and LMU München enjoy a good reputation.

Natural Sciences: ETH Zürich leading

ETH Zürich is scoring hits in Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Physics and Biology): It attains the top group in all four subjects with regard to reputation among professors and number of academic publications. With regard to Chemistry, Universität Göttingen ranges within the top group concerning the criteria “overall study situation”, “contact to pofessors/academics", “research funding” and “academic publications”. With regard to Biology, the universities of Basel, Heidelberg, Tübingen and ETH Zürich are highly regarded by both students and professors. With regard to Pharmacy, students of the universities of Basel, Freiburg, Heidelberg, Kiel, and Münster are well looked after and consider their overall study situation to be excellent.

Informatics: Good study situation at Universität Karlsruhe, TU München and ETH Zürich

Among the top performers in Informatics with regard to the criterion “overall study situation” as well as the university’s reputation among professors are Universität Karlsruhe, TU München and ETH Zürich. Furthermore, students gave excellent ratings to Universität Bremen, the universities of applied sciences Dortmund, Ingolstadt and Waldau, HAW Hamburg as well as the Private Fachhochschule Wedel.

Geography and Earth Sciences: academics see Universität Bern on top

With regard to Geography and Earth Sciences, Universität Bern is highly estimated by teachers in these fields. Students of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, TU Braunschweig as well as the Austrian Montan Universität Loeben are highly satisfied with their study situation and as well as concerning "contact to professors/academics. As concerns research funds, the study situation as well as the reputation among professors, Universität Bonn is on top of the list in Geography with the degrees Diplom or Magister.

International comparison pays off

The international comparison with Austria and Switzerland has paid off. “The results in Natural Sciences prove that a cross-country ranking is very well possible”, says CHE director Detlef Müller-Böling. “The CHE ranking’s indicators do not provoke any cultural distortions. Take the French-speaking universities of Switzerland as a proof.”

The CHE university ranking, listing 30 subjects, is presently the most comprehensive and detailed ranking list in German-speaking countries. Apart from facts on studies, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking includes evaluations of more than 250,000 students about study conditions at their higher education institution, as well as the departments’ reputation among the professors of the individual subjects. A selection of the results can be found in the new ZEIT study guide 2006/07 which simplifies the entry into student life by accompanying articles and tips. The most important questions on the new Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are, for example, answered in depth.

The CHE university ranking is promoted by Deutsche Telekom Stiftung and published in co-operation with DIE ZEIT. It is the common objective of DIE ZEIT and Deutsche Telekom Stiftung to offer pupils just-in-time orientation to help them choose the right subject and thus cushion the transfer from school to university.

On May 4, DIE ZEIT dedicates a special edition to the CHE university ranking in the resort ZEIT Chances. As well, from May 4, the university ranking may be accessed on the internet under There the user may choose criteria according to his or her preferences and in this way find the higher education institution of his or her choice.

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