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News vom 05.04.2006

Target-oriented steering for Studentenwerk Berlin

A current CHE study develops the basic ideas of a new steering architecture in the relation between state and Studentenwerk. A proposal for the introduction of a model based on partnership is made.

CHE suggests the implementation of a model which leaves the Studentenwerk’s autonomy untouched but also accounts for the legitimate interests of the state. The use of public funds for Berlin as a stronghold of higher education should be aligned with concrete political goals and results should be regularly checked.

The model’s most important element is the agreement on the Studentenwerk’s central responsibilities which have to be settled more concretely than the Studentenwerk Act is able to do. “It is essential to discuss the Studentenwerk’s role and responsibilities. In the end, politics must specify the framework more concretely”, project manager Ulrich Müller explains. The study details which questions are of importance.

Based on this agreement, a joint controlling system will be developed. For this purpose concrete long-term aims will be agreed upon and jointly implemented. A monitoring system will be proposed which is in line with the strategic goals and documents goal attainment. With the help of indicators it shall be observed in how far the Studentenwerk manages to achieve these goals. Reporting may take place within the framework of the annual report. Moreover, priority projects which require changes shall be defined in a “framework contract”. The framework contract, at the same time, guarantees public subsidies over several years.

In this study, CHE makes concrete proposals on how the diverse instruments work together. The outlined model holds two main advantages: the political legitimisation for the Studentenwerk’s autonomous decisions will be strengthened. At the same time, the Studentenwerk’s performance will be comprehensively documented by means of target-oriented indicators. Thus, there will be a better basis for political steering.

In implementing the established steering architecture, both the Senate and the Studentenwerk break new ground as no similar approach has yet been envisaged in any of the other Länder.

The study was developed in a pilot project in cooperation with the Studentenwerk Berlin and the Senatsverwaltung für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kultur (Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture). It was conducted in close collaboration with the Studentenwerk.

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