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News vom 13.03.2006

CHE comments on the first draft for the amendment to Saxony’s Higher Education Act

In a working paper, the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) has assessed the “Corner stones for a Saxon Higher Education Act of May 10, 2005”. On this basis, the CHE submits a statement on the first ministerial draft of the amendment. It refers to the working version of December 20, 2005.

The statement evaluates the draft on the basis of five relevant aspects:

  • How large is the extent of the financial, personnel and organisational autonomy granted to higher education institutions?

  • How far does deregulation go with respect to government rights concerning decision-making and participation?

  • Will effective goal-directed and performance-related governmental steering instruments be established?

  • Will the amendment improve the ability of higher education bodies to act and decide, and will basic principles such as double legitimisation or the division of supervisory and performance-related functions be considered?

  • To what extent does the amendment promote the ability of higher education institutions for self-governing mainly in the fields of strategic development, quality management as well as at the introduction of internal accounting and information systems?

    The CHE came to the following conclusions: The draft amendment seeks to enlarge the autonomy of higher education institutions in all regulatory areas outlined above. In some areas however, it does not make full use of the possibilities. On certain points, the intended autonomy is counteracted by overly detailed regulations.

    The CHE statement outlines the most important possibilities for improvement. Should the amendment not be revised in line with these proposals, the chance for Saxony’s higher education institutions is wasted to create the most up-to-date framework conditions in federal comparison, in spite of the achieved progress.

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