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News vom 23.02.2006

Guide for higher education institutions for the introduction of tuition fees released

The CHEcklist deals with questions to be taken into account upon the introduction of tuition fees, offering support to those higher education institutions about to introduce a study fee system.

Over the next months, higher education institutions in numerous German Länder are facing the challenge of realising the introduction of study fees. It will depend on implementation at institutional level whether or not the chances of study fees are used and the positive effects hoped-for will be achieved. Risks such as deterrence effects and lacking acceptance at the higher education institution can be diminished by thorough preparation.

The task is complex and demanding. The CHEcklist at hand gives an overview of key questions and lists options for the design of tuition fees at institutional level exemplarily. Big emphasis is laid on integrating the introduction into the overall strategy of the institution. As a consequence, also marketing, decision-making structures and quality assurance are treated as essential topics.

The CHEcklist compiles an entire range of implementation questions. Higher education institutions can pick those questions of importance to them and work them out in a structured manner, because strategies upon the implementation of fees models may differ from university to university with regard to situation and profile. Thus, the CHEcklist may help institutions to define priorities.

With the help of CHEcklist, CHE launches a series of activities aimed at offering concrete support for the introduction of tuition fees. A main concern is that tuition fees are socially acceptable. The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) contributes to it by pilot projects.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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