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News vom 09.06.2017

CHE kurz + kompakt: new information format for prospective students

Tips, checklists and a brief six-page overview for prospective students: the CHE Centre for Higher Education now offers a new series of online publications on selected topics. The new series called CHE kurz + kompakt starts out with issues on student loans, part-time study, and the differences between universities and universities of applied sciences.

By providing services such as the CHE University Ranking, the Centre for Higher Education has been increasing transparency in matters relating to higher education for more than 20 years. Now CHE has expanded the range of information it provides by launching a new series called CHE kurz + kompakt (CHE short + compact). The publications issued within the series are aimed at prospective students, their parents and teachers, and study advisors.

“Some 18,000 degree programmes are currently on offer at 600 or more university locations in Germany. It is becoming increasingly difficult to come to terms with the complexity of the university world,” declared CHE Executive Director Frank Ziegele. “This is not only the case for future students, but also for the teachers and parents who provide them with support and advice on their transition into a new period of life.”

For this reason, CHE now provides information packages on selected topics in its new publication format CHE kurz + kompakt. The first three editions address the topics of part-time study, student loans and the differences between universities and universities of applied sciences.

Each six-page edition provides answers to the key questions regarding the issue as well as an annotated list of links. The information package, available in pdf format, is rounded off with checklists for future steps and further research. All publications are available free of charge as downloads.

“We consider it important to provide the information initially required about a topic in a brief, concise manner, without it being overloaded with graphics, and without hesitating to answer questions that may appear trivial,” commented CHE Communications Manager and Project Leader Jan Thiemann. Hence it was important to include in the new CHE publication answers to questions such as whether you can tell a university from a university of applied sciences judging by its name.

The CHE kurz + kompakt series starts out with three issues, with further issues to come at regular intervals.

Further Information can be found in the publications stated below.

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