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News vom 28.09.2015

New release: The digital revolution in education

A pupil receives a learning plan tailored towards his daily needs that is generated overnight by a data centre in New York. One university uses a software that identifies which subjects are best for each individual student, including their expected final grades. Another higher education institution has halved drop-out rates from a maths course by analysing what, how and at which speed each individual learns. A corporation requests its applicants to serve sushi in a virtual restaurant because the computer game predicts their professional success. This is the digital future of learning.

Although the international education discourse is nowadays all about increasing digitisation, learning software and big data are only occasionally found in German classrooms and lecture halls. However one thing is for sure: it is not enough to merely let the digital education revolution pass by. The environment is too dynamic, and the opportunities for German pupils and students are too attractive.

In their new book “Die digitale Bildungsrevolution” (The digital revolution in education), Jörg Dräger and Ralph Müller-Eiselt demonstrate how the networked world will fundamentally change not only our education system, but also our society. Those who until now have lost out in education will gain new opportunities; old elites are coming under pressure. But the authors also warn: digital education captures an enormous amount of data; it gives rise to the risk that learners who leave behind permanent traces on the web will become fully transparent and fall victim to algorithms and probabilities.
The education experts’ plea: To take advantage of the great opportunities offered, counter the risks and keep up with international developments Germany must now actively shape the digital revolution in education.

The “Die digitale Bildungsrevolution” was published by DVA Verlag.

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