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News vom 04.05.2015

CHE University Ranking 2015: up-to-date orientation for prospective students in the STEM subjects Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Geography, as well as Medicine

Students assess their study conditions in the latest CHE University Ranking, which will be published in the ZEIT Study Guide 2015/16 on 5 May 2015. One third of all subjects are re-evaluated each year. The subjects reassessed this year were Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Political Science, Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing Science, Geoscience, Geography and Sports Sciences.

Over 300 universities and universities of applied sciences, more than 2,500 faculties, 7,500 study programmes, over 30 subjects and how their students assess them: the CHE University Ranking offers a comprehensive and sound source of information for prospective students from the German-speaking area. A wide range of criteria are applied, and may differ depending on the subject concerned. A special feature is introduced for the first time in the subject of Physics: here, the research profile of each faculty is instantly visible in the compact summary tables. The number of fellow students that applicants can expect to come across in their faculty can now also be gleaned at a glance from the ranking. For example, while some 340 students take Mathematics at Magdeburg University, the University of Bonn has over 1,000 maths students and Wuppertal University even more than 4,000.

Frank Ziegele, Executive Director of the CHE Centre for Higher Education: “You can barely keep track of the enormous range of courses on offer at higher education institutions. And every individual school-leaver has their own decision criteria. The CHE Ranking provides prospective students with the information they need to find the right HEI for their chosen subject. Not only can readers find out about study conditions from the perspective of current students, they also gain facts about the research focus or international orientation of the faculty, and much more besides. Every reader can single out the aspects that they personally consider important.”

Martin Spiewak, Editor-in-Chief of the ZEIT Study Guide: “In addition to the ranking, a whole host of background information, tips and tests provided in the study guide help all those interested in embarking on a degree programme to make an informed choice.”

The CHE University Ranking, along with more information, can be found on the internet at: The ZEIT Study Guide 2015/16 is available from retailers for € 7.95 from 5 May 2015 or at

The latest ZEIT Study Guide 2015/16

The CHE University Ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in the German-speaking world. One third of all subjects are reassessed each year. In addition to providing facts about academic studies, teaching and equipment, the ranking also features students’ opinions about study conditions at their HEI. The ranking is now also available at ZEIT ONLINE:

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