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News vom 12.06.2014

Expertise for developing QM systems in higher education institutions

In a new publication, the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) provides empirical findings and knowledge that can support HEIs in the development and continuous operation of quality assurance systems (QA systems).

Over the past 10 years, an increasing number of universities, universities of applied sciences and arts academies have started embracing the idea of QA systems and taken steps to implement them, which often gives rise to many issues and problems. It is against this background that eleven authors offer insights into implementation processes in action as well as analyses of the success factors for QA systems in higher education institutions, of how to handle difficulties and resistance, and of the decision-making criteria for and against the accreditation of QA systems.

The contributions in the report come from participants and lecturers involved in the CHE’s annual programme for developing QA systems in HEIs. This further training series, in which quality developers from universities, universities of applied sciences and arts academies spend one year driving their projects forward with expert coaching in the process, has taken place three times since 2010. A total of 44 HEIs have so far been supported in the implementation process. The next session of the annual programme will take place in January 2015. More information and the registration options will be available on the CHE homepage under “Hochschulkurs" from July 2014.

The volume, called Implementation of Quality Assurance Systems – Experiences from Higher Education Practice, has 134 pages covering key topics, including:
• Developing different types of QA systems (based on either processes, evaluation or accreditation)
• Integrating stakeholders inside HEIs into the implementation process
• Success factors for adequate higher education QA systems
• Steering and monitoring of QA
• Building of quality culture
• Further development of existing QA systems
• Accreditation of study programmes and QA systems
• Auditing and ISO certification

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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