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News vom 28.02.2014

Faculty Management "on a par with academia"

Is it possible to pursue a career in faculty management? Is it a good alternative to an academic career? The CHE Centre for Higher Education looked at these questions in a comprehensive study and came out with the following result: a job in faculty management is no "compromise" but a real alternative to academia.

The old image of the faculty manager as a "failed academic" has no bearing on reality. Managing tasks with reference to academia as well as to administration is, in fact, intellectually challenging work, it offers a high level of job satisfaction and generally provides a good level of financial security in German universities. These are the results of the current CHE study Professionalisation without Profession? by the authors Jutta Fedrowitz, Hannah Leichsenring and Thimo von Stuckrad.

Around 400 people who work in faculty management took part in the anonymous online survey, which formed the basis of the study. The results were further differentiated on the basis of job categories, such as faculty manager, faculty representative or assistant to the dean.

It was the group of faculty managers in particular who estimated that their work was not only partially more time-consuming than academic work. Approximately four-fifths think their work is equally or even more intellectually challenging than academic jobs.

In view of the respect they receive within the HEI, most of those people surveyed gave a high estimation of the reputation of their work. Four out of five said they wished to remain in their current position and develop it further. One of the reasons for this is job security, which they rated as better than in the academic world.

Study author Jutta Fedrowitz said: “The positive evaluations confirm that faculty managers are a professionally-operating occupational group that supports academics at eye level.”

However, there is a lack of possibilities for improving one’s professional situation from a position in faculty management. More than one-half of those questioned think that career prospects in faculty management are worse than in academia. Only one-fifth believes the conditions for professional development are equal.

CHE Managing Director Frank Ziegele sees development opportunities here. He said: “The professional potential of people working in faculty management can be better used in the future, particularly in the field of science management."

CHE has been involved in the development of faculty management at HEIs for ten years now. It supports the development of the field with studies, professional trainings and events, including the workshop series CHE Faculty Management Forum in Berlin.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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