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News vom 13.12.2013

Evaluation of higher education funding in Latvia

The World Bank and Latvia's government have agreed to evaluate the existing higher education funding system and give recommendations for its further development.

CHE managing director Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele has been assigned responsibility for the project's content as senior advisor. He was, among others, invited to Riga for the signing of the contract between Latvia’s government and the World Bank in December 2013. The meeting was also used to initiate first steps in the process. Following the signing of the contract, a stakeholder workshop took place in Riga where a first analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system was conducted.

from left: Jussi Kivistö (Tampere University), Jason Weaver and Nina Arnhold (World Bank), Frank Ziegele (CHE), Laura Tremeine (Ministry Latvia), from left: Agrita Kiopa (Deputy State Secretary in Latvia), Xavier Devictor (World Bank Country Manager) and Dita Traidas, Director of the State Education Development Agency (VIAA)

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