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News vom 02.07.2013

CHE runs quality network for dual study programmes – to start in autumn 2013

The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany has asked the CHE to run a quality network of German HEIs on the subject of dual study programmes. All network participants will jointly develop recommendations for the further development of dual study programmes and for future-orientated co-operations between the field of vocational training and the academic world. This will result in a practice-based manual for study programmes that will be presented at a conference in the summer of 2015. The quality network will be launched in the autumn of 2013 when ten member-HEIs selected by an expert jury will meet for the first time.

More than 60 universities of applied sciences, universities, dual higher education institutions and universities of co-operative education applied to participate in the dual study programme quality circle by submitting project applications. The 12-strong jury was impressed by the number of applications and the diversity of improvement suggestions. The following participants were selected:

  • Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
  • Fachhochschule Bielefeld (University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld)
  • Fachhochschule Brandenburg (University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg)
  • Staatliche Studienakademien Dresden und Leipzig (Dresden and Leipzig Universities of Co-operative Education)
  • FOM Hochschule Essen (FOM University of Applied Sciences Essen)
  • Westfälische Hochschule Gelsenkirchen (Westphalian University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen)
  • Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen (University of Applied Science Mittelhessen)
  • Universität Kassel (Kassel University)
  • Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim (Baden-Wuerttemberg Co- operative State University)
  • Hochschule München (University of Applied Sciences Munich)

    The quality network will discuss topics such as the internationalisation of dual study programmes, better co-operation between the study locations involved in dual study programmes, the development of skills by dovetailing theory and practice and quality assurance. The participating HEIs will meet in a closed setting in order to enable a confiding exchange of information and ideas.

    The Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany has asked the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) to co-ordinate and moderate the project as well as to produce results that can be used as models for other HEIs. The focus will be on the following questions:

    1. What do suitable quality standards for good education at both university and in the workplace look like?

    2. Which management interface procedures enable a smooth transfer between theory and practice in the study programme as well as a balanced development of skills between the two study locations HEI and companies/practice partners?

    3. Which of the four study models (training, practice or work-oriented, or extra-occupational) are suited to which particular training goals, specialist contents and target groups?

    4. Where is the potential of dual study programmes for opening up additional subjects (beyond the classical economics and engineering offers) or the academisation of certain fields of activity to be found?

    5. Where is the potential of dual study programmes for winning new target groups to be found?

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