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News vom 28.09.2012

HEIs in demand as further education institutions after the initial degree has been completed

Computer science graduates want affordable opportunities to continue training alongside their working life. Most look for IT specialisations and business skills, and HEIs are their preferred further education institutions.

When asked about their further education wishes, only five percent of computer science graduates from HEIs and seven percent of those from universities of applied science saw no need for further education, either professional or general. In terms of their profession, most graduates want to learn additional IT specialisations and learn about business administration. As far as "soft skills" are concerned, they want to improve their project management and leadership skills.

The graduates surveyed said the further training course should be practice-based and relevant to their work, and if so they would be willing to pay more than 1,000 euros for educational leave or two-day seminars. The readiness to pay for further education is not very high, however: about a third of the graduates said they would only pay for additional training or an entire MBA programme if either course cost less than 1,000 euros.

Another key factor is the time that has to be set aside for further training. Most graduates said they would prefer short seminars that are compatible with full-time work.

HEIs are appealing further education institutions: most graduates clearly prefer HEIs to private further training institutions.

The survey results are drawn from interviews conducted with computer science graduates as part of the CHE University Ranking 2012. From November 2011 until January 2012, computer science graduates from 2008-2010 were asked to provide a retrospective evaluation of their study situation, education, entry into professional life and need for further education. Responses were received from 654 university graduates and 1,125 graduates from universities of applied science.

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