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News vom 04.09.2012

New publication on Governing Boards in German HEIs

What are the reasons for success or failure of Governing Boards (Councils; Boards of Governors; Boards of Trustees) in German Higher Education Institutions? The article “Governing Boards in German Higher Education Institutions” provides answers to this question. The authors Ulrich Müller (Centre for Higher Education) and Mathias Winde (Stifterverband Germany) offer tips and recommendations for HEIs, Governing Boards and state representatives. As a framework they provide information on the role of Governing Boards and the current debate in Germany on this topic. The findings are based on an in-depth analysis of state regulations, an evaluation of research literature and on interviews with experts and members of Governing Boards. Although the focus is on the German Higher Education system, the results are applicable to other Higher Education systems as well.
The article is part of the handbook “Leadership and Governance in Higher Education”, which has been published by the Raabe Verlag and can be ordered online.

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