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News vom 30.04.2012

Results of latest CHE University Ranking

On May 2nd 2012 the CHE University Ranking 2012/13 with new results for natural sciences, mathematics, geoscience, computer science, sports sciences, medicine, pharmacy and nursing science will be published in the Die ZEIT study guide 2012/13. All in all the CHE University Ranking offers information for more than 30 subjects from universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. The results are being compared on the subject level. From today on the results are also available online where the users can create individual profiles according to their personal criteria to find the university that best suits their needs.

The CHE University Ranking reveals faculty strengths: for example, while the physics department at Universität Bochum receives particularly good evaluations from students, the subject at Universität Göttingen reaches more top group positions with respect to research criteria. Mathematics students at the TU Kaiserlautern give high marks for the IT infrastructure; and the many green points for biology indicate excellence in the subject at TU Dresden, Universität Konstanz and the private Jacobs University Bremen. As with previous rankings, the latest ranking also compares universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen): FH Bielefeld makes it into the top group five times for its nursing science. As far as IT at universities of applied science is concerned, Hochschule Karlsruhe receives many excellent assessment ratings. This is just a small example of the wide-ranging information available in the CHE University Ranking.

Martin Spiewak, chief editor of the DIE ZEIT Study Guide said: “There are more school leavers applying to our higher education institutions than ever before. They can select from an increasingly diverse study offer. Our guide will help them find a way through this jungle.”

“The study guide gives prospective students, particularly those from non-academic backgrounds, the chance to get detailed first-hand-information about higher education institutions,” said Frank Ziegele, managing director of the CHE – Centre for Higher Education. He added: “Readers may even get new ideas. For example, many school leavers from West Germany don’t look for free study places in Eastern Germany, but HEIs in this part of the country sometimes have the best-equipped laboratories when certain criteria are taken into account, as the results show.”

DIE ZEIT Study Guide 2012/2013
The DIE ZEIT Study Guide 2012/2013 including the latest CHE University Ranking is published by the ZEIT Verlag publishing house. The magazine answers the most important questions about becoming a student, gives tips about how to apply for and finance an HEI course, and helps prospective students find the right study programme and a suitable study location. The latest DIE ZEIT Study Guide provides up-to-date information on more than 2,500 departments offering almost 7,500 study programmes covering 32 subjects. The study guide also covers different educational paths as well as alternatives to an HEI course. The DIE ZEIT Study Guide 2012/2013 is available in shops or at from 2 May 2012. It costs EUR 7.95.

The ranking is also available from ZEIT ONLINE at from 30 April 2012. Users can select many interactive search criteria that help find the right higher education institution for them based on their individual study needs.

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