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News vom 29.02.2012

International Deans’ Course (IDC) Africa successfully completed – network of IDC graduates planned

“Strategic and Practical Issues in Higher Education Management“ was the title of the last of three further education seminars for the 30 participants of IDC Africa. The further education programme, which was carried out by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), the CHE – Centre for Higher Education, the HRK (German Rectors Conference) and the Hochschule Osnabrück in co-operation with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, offered information and tools relating to a number of key topics in the field of faculty and higher education management.

The group travelled to Germany for the first nine-day lecture series in June 2011. The second further education session took place in Nigeria for one part of the group in November 2011 and in Kenya for the other part. For the third time, the University of Addis Ababa hosted the third and concluding IDC Africa further training course. The event was inaugurated by University President Dr. Admassu Tesgaye, the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Ethiopia Her Excellency Ms. Lieselore Cyrus, and the former Dean at the Faculty of Technology, Prof. Dr. Abebe Dinku.

The third further education session focused on the presentation and discussion of the results, the successes and obstacles of implementing the autonomously selected change and reform projects. The exchange of experiences was hosted by higher education management experts from the CHE, the Hochschule Osnabrück, the Kenyan Moi University, the South African University of the Western Cape and Addis Ababa University.

Other topics included Human Resource Management, Research Management or Faculty PR Strategies. These were raised by CHE experts Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele and Dr. Jutta Fedrowitz, and discussed and developed within the group.

F.l.t.r: Prof. Dr. Abebe Dinku, Addis Ababa University; Prof. Dr. Peter Mayer, HS Osnabrück; Prof. Masresha Fetene, Vice President for Research and Graduate Programs, Addis Ababa University; Dr. Jutta Fedrowitz, CHE, Marc Wilde, DAAD; Dr. Michael Brinkmeier, MdL NRW; Prof. Dr. Bassey Antia, University of the Western Cape, Südafrika; Prof. Dr. Naomi Luchera Shitemi, Moi University, Kenia

At the end of the programme, the 30 deans and heads of departments from Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania und Uganda tackled questions such as networking and future co-operation with each other, with the around 60 graduates from previous IDC Africa courses, and with the REAL network (Regional East African DIES Multiplication Alumni Network), which is funded by the DAAD.

The IDC format, which has been used successfully since 2007, makes it possible to launch organisational development projects in HEIs based on the knowledge taught to participants. The three-stage structure of the further education programme provides the groundwork for participants to become fully acquainted with several topics relating to higher education management and to introduce their own reform projects within their faculty.

The International Deans‘ Course will also be offered in the coming years as part of the DIES programme organised by the HRK and DAAD. The CHE has helped design the programme and is also involved in its organisation. It is being offered to new deans from Africa and South East Asia on a rotational basis. The next IDC Asia will start in June 2012. The CHE will be playing a supporting role in terms of programme conception, lectures and training sessions.

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