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News vom 13.12.2011

CHE UniversityRanking expanded to include assessments of Business Studies Master degree students – results show these Master students are mobile and focus on subject content

More than half of the students on Business Studies Master programmes have changed their study location after their first degree. The key factor determining the choice of study location is the programme offer – being close to one’s home clearly emerging as a less important factor. More than 5,000 students were interviewed about study conditions in their Business Studies Master programme. The CHE University Ranking has therefore been expanded one more time to cover the assessments of these Master degree students.

Higher education institutions seem to invest in the attractiveness of their Business Studies Master degrees with 55 per cent of students on these courses stating that the overall study situation is better in the Master than in the Bachelor programme. Only 13 per cent assess their first course more positively, the remainder seeing no difference. When selecting a Master’s degree, more than 80 per cent of students state that course content is important or very important. Being close to one’s hometown, a decisive factor when deciding on the first degree, only remains an important factor for a few students. “This provides fresh evidence that the Bachelor-Master-structure makes it possible to be mobile in a target-based way,” said CHE project head Isabel Roessler.

The assessments of the Master’s degree students can be found on the website of the CHE University Ranking. Roessler said: “This will help students on Bachelor programmes decide where to enrol for their Master’s programme, as they can discover insider information about the study situation. There are 14 indicators that can be used to compare different offers. There are also links leading to the study content on the websites of the respective higher education institutions.”
The comparison covers a total of 85 departments with consecutive Master’s courses: 42 of these departments are either German, Austrian, Dutch, Italian or Swiss universities, and 43 of the Business Studies Master programmes are offered by German and Austrian universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen).

A CHE working paper with detailed questions presented in a concise format has been published alongside the data in the CHE University Ranking. The working paper is called “Expansion of the CHE University Ranking to include assessments of Business Studies Master’s students”. In addition to the findings, it also gives background information on Business Studies Master’s students. The working paper is in German.

Further Information can be found in the publication stated below.

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