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News vom 18.05.2011

From planning to appointment – Online CHEck Appointments enables reflection on the appointment process

The CHE now offers an online self-test for those actively involved in appointment processes. The self-test explains all facets of the appointment process and in doing so enables reflection on procedures. Self-test users get valuable tips, anonymously and for free, about the status of their appointment procedures.

Are applicants treated properly? How is quality assured? Is the procedure too long? The answers to these questions often get overshadowed by everyday life at universities. This might be because appointments are long, complex procedures and involve many people. However, these are vitally important questions to ask and answer, as appointment procedures are fundamental instruments for developing strategies and profiles.

The CHE’s Online CHEck Appointments is aimed at those in charge of and actively involved in appointment processes at higher education institutions, and makes it possible for them to reflect on these processes. Answers are analysed anonymously and for free. “I am very pleased we can offer this innovative instrument to all interested parties,” said Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele, head of the CHE. “Even though it looks at first sight like a typical online interview, we are not interested in collecting data. No data is produced or processed. We are aiming for an interactive, almost playful approach to reflection on this complex issue.”

The analysis is based on seven quality criteria, among them strategy orientation, transparency, monitoring the procedure and diversity management. “In my view, the most exciting aspect of the concept is that all participants can get analyses organised on the basis of different aspects, and with just one click”, said Ziegele. “They can see where appointment processes in their institutions are already well organised and where improvements need to be made.”

External participants who have already taken part in the self-test reported about gaining insights from the detailed analysis. Even filling in the questionnaire made them think and gave them helpful tips – so the 15-25 minutes it takes to fill in the Online CHEck Appointments is most likely time well spent!

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