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News vom 02.05.2011

CHE UniversityRanking: Every other university of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) achieved top group status in business administration with respect to the international orientation – the international spirit of Bologna is still in its infancy in social sciences

The latest CHE UniversityRanking, that is available from 3 May 2011 in the DIE ZEIT study guide 2011/12, involves for the first time the international orientation of the study programmes for the updated subjects. There are top marks for the universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) in Business Administration: 50 per cent of them reached the top group with respect to the international orientation, while 35 per cent of the universities are in the top group. Subjects such as Sociology and Political Sciences are less internationally oriented; in the subject Media there is no university that reached the top group for this indicator.

Each year, one third of the entire range of disciplines is subject to fresh evaluation by the CHE – Centre for Higher Education: this year’s assessment covered law, business administration and economics, social sciences, as well as media, communication sciences and social work. A short summary of some national findings:

Ecclesiastical higher education institutions scored very good results for social work
Evangelische Hochschule Freiburg reached five times top group status for five possible indicators in “Ranking kompakt”: satisfied students, good practical content, procured research funds, and a good reputation among professors. Evangelische Hochschule Dresden, Katholische Hochschule Aachen and Katholische Hochschule Köln are in the top group with four indicators.

Universität Mannheim: outstanding performance in sociology
Universität Mannheim reached top group status in sociology with five out of six possible indicators. Universität Augsburg, the private Jacobs University Bremen and Universität Jena reached four times top group status each. Only six of the 51 ranked departments scored top results in the category “international orientation”.

Bucerius Law School Hamburg is top-ranking for law
For law, the top-ranking universities of Halle-Wittenberg and Passau scored excellent results for the categories “tutoring”, “revision courses” and “overall study situation”, as did the private Bucerius Law School Hamburg, that in addition scored top results in the category “research funds”.

Poor international orientation in media at universities
The international orientation of the subjects media, communication sciences and journalism is still very rudimentary: there is no university that reached the top group for this indicator.

The DIE ZEIT study guide 2011/12
The DIE ZEIT study guide including the latest CHE UniversityRanking is published by DIE ZEIT publishing company. The magazine provides answers to the most important questions about the entry into higher education and student life, gives school-leavers tips for starting studies and financial support, offers help when deciding for the proper subject and a suitable study location, and explains how to get the desired study place despite twice as many school-leavers (the shortening of the number of school years in many German Länder from 13 to 12 years will double the number of pupils in the final year) and the suspended military service. The latest study guide in DIE ZEIT offers up-to-date information for a total of 2,500 departments including almost 7,500 study programmes and 31 subjects.

”Never before so many school-leavers entered this tier of higher education,” says Martin Spiewak, chief editor of the DIE ZEIT study guide. “The study guide gives options how to get the study place of one’s dreams despite the number of competitors.“

The CHE UniversityRanking
The CHE UniversityRanking is to date the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in all German-speaking countries. The CHE hast tested more than 300 universities and universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Apart from facts about the study programme, teaching, equipment and research the ranking includes student evaluations of more than 250,000 students about the study conditions at their higher education institution.

”The ranking shows that there is no such thing as ‘the best university’,” says Frank Ziegele, CHE managing director. “School-leavers have to think about what they consider to be important – good tutoring, for example, or excellent research departments, international orientation, adequate equipment. For each aspect, the CHE UniversityRanking offers very detailed information.”

From 3 May 2011, the ranking can also be found on DIE ZEIT ONLINE. Users can enter their personal criteria to find suitable HEIs tailored to their individual study needs. In addition, several types of training and alternative options are being introduced. Compared to the past years the new CHE UniversityRanking on the internet (DIE ZEIT ONLINE) has been considerably improved, offering now the best possible orientation for school leavers, especially because of two new functions: the improved topical access sorted by study programmes, and the social recommendation based on similar user interests.

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