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News vom 07.03.2011

More female professors! How can this be achieved?

The number of female professors at HEIs in Germany is still low despite all the efforts made in recent decades to promote a better gender balance in the posts. Less than 20% of all professorships in Germany are held by women. In a two-year research project, the CHE will identify examples where the promotion of woman at German HEIs has been a success and, using these examples, examine the factors that help boost the proportion of female professors and that of female members of academic staff. The project is being funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Social Fund.

The project is called “Faculty cultures and female academic careers: the success factors for promoting women revealed. “Instead of focusing on the reasons for the shortage of female professors, our project looks at those faculties and departments that have a balanced gender ratio and aims to discover their reasons for success,” says Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele, CEO of the CHE Centre for Higher Education. In addition to evaluating data from the CHE UniversityRanking, the project will also include a comprehensive analysis of documents and quantitative and qualitative interviews among university managers, equal opportunity commissioners, junior researchers and newly appointed female professors.

Cort-Denis Hachmeister, project manager at the CHE, says: “There is a great deal of data information in the CHE UniversityRanking that we will examine from a gender-specific viewpoint.” Departments with an above-average ratio of women - related to their specific subject - can be identified in this way.

CHE Consult project manager Dr. Daniela De Ridder, who is in charge of the project at CHE Consult, says: “We aim to develop practical recommendations, based on knowledge and data, that will help promote equal opportunity for women in the academic sector. There will be a special emphasis on university and department cultures.”

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