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News vom 21.02.2011

The CHE supports the Croatian government’s reform of higher education

The Croatian government is planning to reform the higher education funding and intends to introduce target agreements between the government and higher education institutions (HEIs) in the future. In this process, Croatia wants to learn from Germany’s example and asked the CHE for advice. A draft of the modification of the Croatian Higher Education Act has already been drawn up and the CHE has been asked to assess it.

A workshop including about 60 participants from HEIs, research institutes and the ministry for education was held on February 16 and 17 in Dubrovnik. In addition to allowing a platform for information exchange, the aim of the workshop was also to learn about Germany, Denmark and Austria’s experiences of target agreements, to discuss what people can expect from target agreements and how they can be adjusted to the Croatian situation. The CHE’s task was to plan and prepare the workshop. Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele (head of the CHE) was one of the hosts of the event and also spoke about the topic. Summing up his impressions of the workshop, he said: “The participants agreed that Germany’s experience – be it successful or problematic – will offer important insights for Croatia and help facilitate the implementation process.” He said it was important now for Croatia to negotiate clearly defined rules for the agreement process between government and HEIs, and hence to build up mutual trust in the intended partnership arrangements.

The documents for the workshop will be available online in the next few days.

The workshop taught (from right to left) Aleksa Bjelis, rector of the University of Zagreb, Radovan Fuchs, Croatian education minister, and Alberto Rodriguez, representing the World Bank about target agreements between government and higher education institutions. Prof. Dr. Frank Ziegele, head of the CHE (front right) was invited to host the event and make his own contribution to the topic.

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