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News vom 03.01.2011

Computer Sciences Master’s students at their university of choice

Almost all Computer Science Master’s students are enrolled at their university of choice – 94 per cent answered yes to the question of whether they study at their university of choice. Meanwhile 60 per cent moved from the Bachelor’s to the Master’s programme without changing institution, 28 per cent came from another German university, and 12 per cent came into their current university from abroad. There is therefore a high level of satisfaction with the Master’s programme: 80 per cent of students at universities and almost 90 per cent at universities of applied sciences rate their study situation to be good or very good.

Computer Science Master’s students were interviewed about aspects of their study programme, such as reasons for taking up the programme and the number of applications they submitted, last summer. The interviews formed part of those being carried out with Master’s students as part of an extension of the CHE UniversityRanking.

Most students had no problem obtaining a study place on a Master’s programme – they only had to declare their interest in the course or submit just one application. Almost eight per cent of the Master’s students submitted five or more applications, however, and four per cent of all applications were submitted to non-German institutions, based on all those interviewed including the foreign universities questioned.

The reasons for taking up a Master’s programme were mainly the hope for “better career chances by studying for a Master’s degree” (81.7%) and the desire for “further education“ (67,8%).

You can find the detailed results of the interviews in the CHE working paper no. 139 and download the results for free as a PDF document.

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