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News vom 01.10.2010

East German HEIs ahead for equipment

Twenty years after German reunification, the east German Länder are “flourishing” in terms of equipment.

The HEIs in all five new Länder are very well equipped, students say. These Länder hold the top five positions in a comparison of all German Länder, as shown in a special evaluation of the current CHE university ranking.

The CHE university ranking asked almost 150,000 students to give their opinion on their faculty’s libraries, rooms, laboratories as well as IT infrastructure. It was then calculated how often the faculties of the respective Land received an above-average evaluation based on the different criteria, and the best faculties then reached the top group in the ranking. In Thuringia, 55% of the evaluations of faculty equipment were excellent, while the figure was 50% in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Higher education institutions in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony also received very good results with 47% of faculties receiving top positions while Brandenburg achieved 44%. Regarding the west German Länder, the best – Baden-Württemberg with 38% and Bavaria with 35% - are lagging significantly behind.

The first equipment ranking in 2007 also showed the east German Länder in the top four positions. In the latest comparison, Brandenburg improved its position in terms of student satisfaction, so the east German Länder are now ahead of all the west German Länder.

“After reunification, a lot of funding was given to the HEIs to improve their equipment, a measure that is still showing positive effects,” says Cort-Denis Hachmeister, ranking expert at the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development. “The students are offered good framework conditions, which they in turn reward with good evaluations.”
Percentage of top positions that state HEIs of the respective Land achieved in relation to equipment-related indicators:

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