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News vom 08.06.2010

15 higher education institutions build QM system together

Quality managers often face the tough task of having to develop a QM system at their HEI alone. Would it not be more sensible to form an alliance with other HEIs in order to exchange experiences and learn together? Five universities and 10 universities of applied sciences will be doing exactly this over the period of a year as part of an innovative CHE further education offer that began with an initial workshop. The programme lasts one year, during which participants receive inputs adjusted to their work situation. They are coached by a team of three experts under the direction of CHE project manager Dr. Sigrun Nickel.

The exact form and content of the inputs depend on the concrete needs of the participants and are consistently requested by the experts and individually prepared for each workshop. This customised form of further education requires that the experts have a high degree of experience, flexibility and wide ranging expertise in the area of QM systems. Four two-day workshops will take place during the year of the programme. The working methods are based on peer learning and peer coaching. The participants were selected via an application procedure, as peer learning and peer coaching only function properly if the participants and the projects match.
The number of participants was limited to 15 in order to ensure the most trusting atmosphere possible in learning and working together. Demand for the programme was so high that only about one half of the applicants were given the chance to take part. It is envisaged that a new QM systems group will start in the spring of 2011.

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