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News vom 04.05.2010

Results of latest CHE UniversityRanking published

The results of the latest UniversityRanking of the CHE - Centre for Higher Education Development will be published in the new ZEIT Study Guide 2010/11 on 4 May 2010. A third of all subjects are re-assessed every year. This year it is the turn of humanities, engineering, psychology and pedagogics. Universität Freiburg has again done very well in humanities. Among the universities of applied sciences, FH Münster leads in several engineering subjects. Internationality in language departments was evaluated for the first time this year and more than half of all departments have earned themselves a place in the top group.

The CHE has examined almost 300 universities and universities of applied sciences in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The CHE UniversityRanking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in German-speaking countries. The new ZEIT Study Guide offers the latest information on more than 2,500 departments offering 7,500 study programmes in 31 subjects. A total of 200,000 students and 15,000 professors were interviewed.

A summary of some of the national results:

Language departments performing well in terms of internationality
Language departments are offering students a high degree of internationality. The evaluation was based on indicators such as co-operations with international higher education institutions (HEIs), the integration into the study programme of placements abroad, student exchanges, the international experience of lecturers and courses held in a foreign language.

Universität Freiburg shows excellent results in humanities
Universität Freiburg is in the lead in humanities. As in previous years, the university achieved the top spots for English/American studies and German language and literature, in both teaching and bachelor’s programmes, as well as for the bachelor’s programme for history.

TU Dresden and Universität Marburg with top positions in psychology
Technische Universität Dresden and Universität Marburg achieved five top positions in psychology. Meanwhile, the TU Dresden saw improved student evaluations for the subjects of electrical engineering and computer science, thus making it the only university to be represented in the top group for all five indicators.

FH Münster with excellent results among universities of applied sciences
The FH Münster has the best results among the universities of applied sciences. It is top in architecture, taking pole position five times. The FH Biberach achieved five top spots for civil engineering, while the HAW Hamburg won four top positions in process engineering/chemical engineering.

The ZEIT Study Guide 2010/11 helps school leavers choose the right study programme and find a suitable study location. It also offers tips for first-time students and specific information for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Martin Spiewak, editor of the study guide, says: “The study offer today is larger than ever.” He says that the number of study programmes whose participant numbers are restricted is also increasing. “School-leavers today need to invest more time and effort in finding the university of their dreams,” says Spiewak. “The big education strike has also left many first-year students insecure“.

CHE CEO Frank Ziegele points out how to use the ranking correctly: “The information in the ranking is an important guide. The wide range of criteria enables searches to be carried out according to personal needs. These searches then provide those who are interested in studying with detailed results about the study conditions in the individual departments.”

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