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News vom 23.04.2010

CHE UniversityRanking to be published in the ZEIT Study Guide on 4 May 2010

Data for the following disciplines have been updated in this year’s ranking: engineering, humanities, psychology and pedagogics. The Die ZEIT newspaper will be publishing the CHE Compact Ranking in a special edition of the ZEIT Study Guide 2010/2011, including selected data on student evaluations, research indicators and HEI reputations.

The new the ZEIT Study Guide 2010/2011 including the 2010 CHE UniversityRanking will be published on 4 May 2010. The magazine helps prospective students to choose a suitable study programme and study location and also gives tips for new students.

With 31 ranked disciplines and almost 300 universities and Fachhochschulen analysed, the CHE UniversityRanking is the most comprehensive and detailed ranking in Germany to date. In addition to facts about studying, teaching, equipment and research, the ranking also includes more than 200,000 student evaluations of the study conditions at their HEI as well as recommendations from professors about the reputation of their faculties. This year’s ranking includes fresh assessments of 11 subjects: architecture, civil engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering /process engineering, German studies, English studies, psychology, history, pedagogics and Romance studies. There are 34 criteria in the analysis.

The ZEIT Study Guide 2010/2011 including the ZEIT Scholarship Guide is available in shops from 4 May, 2010. It costs EUR 7.95

The ranking can also be found on the Internet as of 4 May 2010. Users can select personal criteria to find suitable higher education institutions tailored to their individual study needs. Pupils, school leavers, graduates and trainees will also find out information about the key topics of studying and choosing a study programme.

The ZEIT Study Guide 2010/2011 includes the ZEIT Scholarship Guide again this year. The latter contains 32 pages of information about the possibilities for scholarships and offers a comprehensive index of the scholarships offered by foundations and other institutions. The ZEIT Study Guide is supported by the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen) and helps prospective students and existing students who intend to finance their study programme with a scholarship.

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