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News vom 16.02.2010

European Union committee publishes CREST report

Following publication of the CREST report on “Mutual learning on approaches to improve the excellence of research in universities”, the CHE will once again be involved in the project, this time with a follow-up Peer Learning Activity focused on five specified topics highlighted in the initial report

Led by the CHE, the report of the Working Group for CREST, the European Union committee for scientific and technical research, has been published. The report reveals European policies and instruments to induce research excellence, identifying three major strategies and offering a great variety of information: analysis tools, good practices, comparisons of certain instruments used at the national level, inventories of new developments and existing policies and instruments, etc.

This effort, which is the first of its kind, aimed to pull together information about new European policy initiatives and specific tools to promote research excellence. It is a first approach in “mapping the field” - giving an overview of the instruments forming national policies.

Within the context of this CREST 4th OMC Working Group on “Mutual learning on approaches to improve the excellence of research in universities”, a total of 17 country representatives met for six day-long discussions over the period of one year in order to capture both the individual situations as well as the general trends in European higher education systems. Dr. Prof. Frank Ziegele acted as Chairman of the process and Diane Carr as Rapporteur. The report and nine core recommendations that were grouped into the three main areas of strategic orientation, instruments, and developments in the European context, were accepted by the CREST Committee in April of 2009.

The report became the starting point for peer learning events with European MS. Five topics are to be addressed in two-day workshop seminars that are intended to foster close mutual exchange of information between country peer learners. This will be the first time CREST has employed the Peer Learning methodology in its working groups. For the first event, representatives from governments and higher education institutions of ten different countries came to Copenhagen on 8-10 February 2010 to discuss „reforms of institutional structure.“

The report can be printed or requested for free at

Moderator Dr. Prof Frank Ziegele presenting the ideas collected by the participants - "Do

Moderated by the CHE, Dr. Prof. Frank Ziegele and Diane Carr assumed their previous roles. Further workshops will include the following themes: World Class Excellence, Capacity Building, Young Researchers, and Overhead and Costing of Research Projects. A final report is also expected to be delivered in October 2010.

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