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News 27.10.2014
Who will be named university manager of the year for 2014? Short portraits of the nomenees

The CHE Centre for Higher Education and the DIE ZEIT newspaper have been looking for
outstanding university managers who have shaped the development of their HEI and
initiated innovative change processes. Seven nominees have been shortlisted.mehr

News 29.09.2014
Former junior professors satisfied with their career development

Former junior professors are predominantly satisfied with the development of their academic careers. This is one of the main results of a study carried out by the CHE Centre for Higher Education that, as part of a research project funded by the trade union driven Hans-Böckler Foundation, looks at the career developments of junior professors and how they evaluate this development in comparison to people who achieved their professorships by traditional scientific career paths. Now for the first time, data is available that make it possible to analyse the further career development of people, who have chosen this 2002 in Germany newly implemented qualification trackmehr

News 04.09.2014
CHE - Higher education as the norm will change the German higher education system

More than half of a one-year age group starts a higher education course in Germany, but “traditional” on-campus students are now being outnumbered. A special publication by the CHE Centre for Higher Education supports the idea of “higher education as the norm” with facts and gives the reasons for, and consequences of, this development.mehr

News 24.07.2014
CHE investigates developments in tertiary level dual education and part-time study programmes

What characterises a good relationship between work and study? How can students on dual education and part-time programmes get the support they need? These questions are the focus of a new research project by the CHE Centre for Higher Education on behalf of the Hans Böckler Foundation.mehr

News 25.06.2014
Student loans: new possibilities for studying abroad

Almost 60,000 students conclude a student loan agreement every year in order to ensure they complete their study programmes despite financial shortages. Recently, there have been new possibilities for financing a study programme abroad. This is the result of the CHE Student Loan Test 2014. The test also illustrates how students can identify the best offer for themmehr

News 12.06.2014
Expertise for developing QA systems in higher education institutions

In a new publication, the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) provides empirical findings and knowledge that can support HEIs in the development and continuous operation of quality assurance systems (QA systems).mehr

News 26.05.2014
Family Orientation as Standard: higher education institutions sign the Family and University Charter

A total of 47 universities and academic institutions from all federal states signed the Family and University Charter at the first annual “Family Orientation of Universities” conference at Leibnitz Universität Hannover. By signing the charter, HEIs are committing themselves to making family orientation an important part of their profiles.mehr

News 13.05.2014
U-Multirank: Launch of new global university ranking

U-Multirank, the new global university ranking, was released online today ( This unique new tool for comparing university performance currently includes information on more than 850 higher education institutions, more than 1,000 faculties and 5,000 study programmes from 70 countries.mehr

News 28.04.2014
Seal of approval for the CHE Ranking

The CHE Ranking has received the "IREG approved" seal of approval. The Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (IREG) honours higher education rankings whose transparency, methodology and reliability meet the highest standards.mehr

News 09.04.2014
Huge differences in the numerus clausus rates in individual federal states, fewer admission restrictions in east German states

Students need to take the numerus clausus (NC) into account before starting their degree at their chosen HEI and this is still true for the new summer semester 2014. In its latest study, the CHE Centre for Higher Education highlights the extent to which admission restrictions differ.mehr

News 03.04.2014
New CHE project on research and Third Mission at universities of applied sciences begins

How can the respective profiles of universities of applied sciences be made transparent regarding research and Third Mission? This is the subject of CHE Centre for Higher Education's research project FIFTH. The project team is providing information on developments and discussions at

News 28.02.2014
Faculty Management "on a par with academia"

Is it possible to pursue a career in faculty management? Is it a good alternative to an academic career? The CHE Centre for Higher Education looked at these questions in a comprehensive study and came out with the following result: a job in faculty management is no "compromise" but a real alternative to academia.mehr

News 21.01.2014
Jörg Dräger: "We can no longer afford to be isolated”

The CHE Centre for Higher Education is calling for a more open higher education concept in Germany. It is only through an open concept that higher education institutions (HEIs) can be shaped in a way that leaves them able to respond to demographic and social challenges. Other countries are already farther ahead in this respect, as a current CHE study shows.mehr

News 07.01.2014
New scientific advisory board for the CHE Ranking

The CHE Centre for Higher Education has been able to win renowned international experts from higher education, science and politics for the new scientific advisory board for the CHE Ranking. The first meeting took place in Cologne at the beginning of December.mehr

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