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News 17.12.2008
Latest CHE ForschungsRanking (Research Ranking) gives the latest results for business administration, sociology and economics: top class research not only at “universities of excellence”

The 2008 CHE ForschungsRanking (Research Ranking) includes both well-known and new departments with strong research performances. Every three years, the CHE collects fresh data for a number of core subjects. For the CHE ForschungsRanking (Research Ranking) 2008, the research indicators for business administration, sociology and economics have been analysed in detail. mehr

News 03.12.2008
CHE pilot study: master’s programme students provide information about their study conditions

For the first time, the CHE has examined not only undergraduate study offers but also master’s programmes for business administration at universities, Fachhochschulen and business schools. This means that consecutive programmes and non-consecutive study offers can be compared with one another and thereby allow interested parties to identify the master’s programme offers that best meet their wishesmehr

News 24.11.2008
What does performance-related funding achieve?

Budgeting issues are among the most important but also most controversial aspects of higher education reform. This is reason enough for the CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development to take a critical look at one of the main financial management instruments in higher education, namely performance-related funding, and to identify possibilities for its further development. In the CHE working paper, 13 authors reflect on current practice.mehr

News 19.11.2008
Booming demand offers a chance: need for intelligent and competitive concepts as well as increased investment for more study places

On 25 November 2008, the German Rector`s Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK)) presented new calculations for the additional financial requirements arising from the increasing numbers of potential students and also from the conversion to the mentoring-intensive, staged study programmes. The paper estimates an additional annual requirement of an average of three billion euros for the period from 2011 to 2020. The CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development supports this finding and is calling for innovative solutions in order to make the most of the chance afforded by the student boom to promote Germany as an academic locationmehr

News 28.10.2008
European Commission Supports CHE Ranking Initiative

We are proud to announce that the European Commission recently expressed its support for the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development’s ExcellenceRanking. Excellence and Top Group European universities of this initiative are directly concerned. In his letter dated September 19, 2008, Ján Figel, member of the European Commission responsible for Education, Training, Culture and Youth, affirmed official support for the CHE’s project, specifically encouraging its endeavours to develop “tools to produce multi-dimensional rankings based on robust, relevant and widely accepted methodologies.” mehr

News 20.10.2008
New data atlas for quick information examines the subject preferences of first-year students

While first-year students from the south or west of Germany prefer study programmes in mathematics and natural sciences, their fellow students from the north prefer to take up programmes in law, economics and social sciences. In addition, linguistics and cultural studies are favoured by students from western Germany, while students from the east clearly prefer engineering.mehr

News 29.09.2008
A sign of excellence

The CHE ExcellenceRanking identified the European universities that show outstanding research performance in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. As proof of their excellent performance they were awarded a quality seal by CHE. mehr

News 17.09.2008
Internationalisation of the CHE-Rankings continuing forward

The CHE UniversityRanking is becoming increasingly more international. In the 2009 ranking, for which data collection has just begun, over 100 faculties from approximately 30 foreign universities will take partmehr

News 01.08.2008
New CHE management as of today

The change in leadership at the CHE non-profit-making Centre for Higher Education Development took place today. After the departure of Prof. Detlef Müller-Böling as head of the CHE following his 60th birthday, Dr. Jörg Dräger and Prof. Frank Ziegele have taken over management of the CHEmehr

News 02.07.2008
Reorganisation at the CHE. Christian Berthold and Yorck Hener together take the helm at CHE Consult

From 1 August, Yorck Hener will join the management of CHE Consult, taking the helm alongside Christian Berthold. After Detlef Müller-Böling will have left the CHE Centre for Higher Education Development at the end of July and Frank Ziegele, previous CEO of CHE Consult, takes over leadership of the non-profit making CHE with Jörg Drager, CHE Consult will also witness a change in management.mehr

News 30.06.2008
CHE-Forum „The myth of the management information systems“

What role do management information systems play in the decision-making process in higher education management? What should management provide? A conference to be held at the Convention Hall, Bielefeld, on 30 September will shed some light on the necessity of IT-based information when making management decisions and how they meet the requirements of management bodiesmehr

News 30.06.2008
Transparent methods used for CHE Ranking

The transparency of rankings with respect to the methods applied is one of the most crucial criteria for a solid ranking, as determined by the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) in the ”Berlin Principles“. The CHE Ranking of course meets these requirementsmehr

News 23.06.2008
“Enfant terrible” of higher education receives a ”Goldener Ehrenring” (a golden ring of honour) from the TU MünchenEhrenring“ der TU München

Detlef Müller-Böling has conducted his final symposium in Berlin as head of the CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development,. After more than a decade of “counting, measuring, estimating”, the question asked was whether this was “a blessing or a curse” for German higher education. During the evening reception to mark the departure of Müller-Böling as head of the CHE, the president of the TU München Wolfgang A. Herrmann presented Müller-Böling with a ”Goldener Ehrenring“ (a golden ring of honour) from the universitymehr

News 09.06.2008
IREG-International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence

The International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) created the IREG-International Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellencemehr

News 26.05.2008
Counting, measuring, estimating – a blessing or a curse for higher education institutions? Farewell symposium for Prof. Dr. Detlef Müller-Böling

Is it possible to measure the performance of higher education institutions (HEIs)? What are the opportunities and limitations in measuring the performance of HEIs? What kind of data collection is reasonable and how are these data reflected in HEI steering? These questions are discussed by high-ranking representatives from science, politics and the media at a symposium that will take place in Berlin the 19th and 20th of June 2008mehr

News 20.05.2008
Analysing target countries - CHE looks into the future of student recruitment

Recruitment from abroad has become a global hot topic in higher education in recent years. Countries that have been recruiting international students for decades, as well as countries very new to the scene play vital roles in this education exchange. Germany is rather a latecomer to the scenemehr

News 06.05.2008
Results from the latest CHE UniversityRanking

The latest CHE UniversityRanking has updates for the subjects of Media, Business Informatics, Business Administration, Law, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, Economics and Industrial Engineering. There are top marks for the universities of Mannheim, Erfurt, Münster and Bremen and very good results for the new dual study programmes in Business Administration. For courses in Social Work, it is mainly some ecclesiastical higher education institutions (HEIs) that are scoring points while Fachhochschulen are scoring points in terms of practical contentmehr

News 02.05.2008
Benchmarking Internationalisation – EBI Workshop in Berlin

In the endeavor to further develop benchmarking practices throughout European Higher Education, the CHE is partnered with ESMU, UNESCO-CEPES and the University of Aveiro in a project called the European Benchmarking Initiative, funded by the European Commissionmehr

News 28.04.2008
With AkCont, CHE Consult is presenting a concept for the organisation of controlling at German higher education institutions (HEIs)

AkCont aims to make the further the processes and results of controlling useable to a greater extend with regard to the different questions of higher education management and also to decision-making process mehr

News 17.04.2008
Guidance for the accreditation market. Results of the CHE Forum on 15 April 2008

Which is the best method for my higher education institution (HEI): programme, cluster or system accreditation, or quality audit? This was the question discussed by the 160 participants in the CHE Forum in Kasselmehr

News 28.03.2008
Rating of bachelor’s programmes: How well do higher education institutions (HEIs) promote the employability of their students?

There is a great deal of difference in how bachelor’s programmes at German HEIs promote the necessary competences and abilities for jobs beyond pure technical know-how. While some HEIs have established exemplary measures in order to prepare students for the job market, a number of HEIs have as good as ignored this aspect in the conversion to bachelor’s and master’s programmes and are still focusing almost exclusively on the imparting of technical know-howmehr

Interview 07.03.2008
“You have to examine precisely what the rankings measure“

Dr. Sonja Berghoff, project manager of the CHE ResearchRanking, in an interview with Dorit Amelang concerning the German research system. What is the international position of Germany in science? What are its strenghts? What is special about it?. The CHE ResearchRanking and the CHE ExcellenceRanking show the best universities in research in Germany and Europemehr

News 04.03.2008
Dual leadership for the CHE in the future: Jörg Dräger and Frank Ziegele take over the management of CHE in July 2008

After 14 years, Professor Dr. Detlef Müller-Böling will be retiring from the CHE in the summer. Competence and continuity, however, will be assured by Jörg Dräger, (Ph.D. Cornell U.), Senator for Science and Research in Hamburg, and Professor Dr. Frank Ziegele, project manager at the CHE for many years and professor for higher education and science management at the FH Osnabrückmehr

News 29.02.2008
Now it’s the turn of the HEIs

The CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development takes a position on study fees and study fee management in North Rhine-Westphalia and weighs up improvement optionsmehr

News 20.02.2008
CHE ResearchRanking 2007: top group holds its ground

In the CHE ResearchRanking 2007, the universities of Frankfurt a.M., Freiburg, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and TU München) and Stuttgart again have a large share of research-intense faculties. They gained top group status in at least half of the subjects covered by the ranking. Data for English Studies, Electrical and Information Engineering, Pedagogy, History, Mechanical Engineering and Psychology have been updatedmehr

News 13.02.2008
More higher education institutions in the Excellence Group

A total of 66 higher education institutions have made it into the Excellence Group, the group of best HEIs in the CHE ExcellenceRanking. An updated version of the CHE working paper 99 is now onlinemehr

News 07.02.2008
Which procedure for which higher education institution – System Accreditation, Institutional Audit or Programme Accreditation?

National and international experts will be offering orientation and support for higher education institutions interested in accreditation and auditing at a discussion forum in Kassel on 15th April 2008.mehr

News 23.01.2008
Workshop Benchmarking of Internationalisation

In the context of the European Benchmarking Initiative project the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) in cooperation with the European Centre for the Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU), University Aveiro and UNESCO-CEPES is inviting you to participate in a on benchmarking of internationalisationmehr

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