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News 12.12.2006
More than 12 per cent of all German students see themselves as part-time students

In some study programmes, the percentage of part-time students is extraordinarily high. One third of the Educational Sciences students say they study part time. However, part-time programmes make up only two per cent of the overall offer. This means that a considerable number of part-time students has no suitable study frameworkmehr

News 23.11.2006
Higher Education Covenant continues until 2010 – question marks over the new solution

The Higher Education Covenant is an important step in the debate about the unique opportunity of training significantly more academics by 2020. Calculations made by the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) show opportunities and limitations in the covenantmehr

News 08.11.2006
Future topic: "Demographic development and the higher education system"

CHE will analyse the effects of demographic development on the higher education system, and in pilot projects develop differentiated action plans and strategies. A two-year concept is being drawn up. CHE outlined the plans at the second Demographic Summit of the Free State of Saxony in Dresdenmehr

News 03.11.2006
Understand the market for master’s programmes, shape strategies

The CHE in co-operation with the CHE Marketing Initiative has launched a paper on shaping master’s programmes, using demand for the programmes as its launch pad. It argues for a strategic and considered shaping of master’s portfoliosmehr

News 31.10.2006
"universitynavigator" is launched in Canada - based on the CHE ranking model is an interactive comparison of higher education institutions on the web. Based on the CHE ranking model, the tool enables institutions to be compared according to various indicators relating to personal preferencesmehr

News 04.10.2006
CHE research ranking 2006: top group shrinks

University research activities have been evaluated in a total of 16 subjects from Humanities, Economics, Social and Natural Sciences and Engineering. This year, new additions were Mathematics, Medicine and Dentistry. Top performing universities are those performing excellently in at least half of the subjects examinedmehr

News 21.08.2006
Faculty Management annual conference

The annual Faculty Management conference will take place in Berlin on November 27th and 28th. The agenda will include speeches, workshops and poster presentations offering a comprehensive range of information to support the exchange of ideas and professionalisation in Faculty Managementmehr

Interview 18.08.2006
Student loans - better than you think

Student loans are to become a fixed element in higher education funding as a supplement to traditional funding forms, says Ulrich Müller. Speaking in the Handelsblatt newspaper about current student loan offers, Mr Müller also says higher education institutions will be expected to act as contact points for students with questions about how to finance their studies. mehr

News 16.08.2006
Indicators in the spotlight: Invention announcement figures for Natural Sciences, Medicine and Pharmacy

Scientists at Universität Jena announce the highest number of inventions in the classical Natural Sciences. As far as Medicine is concerned, Charité in Berlin along with the universities of Cologne, Freiburg, Tübingen and Heidelberg are top of the table. The results are based on an analysis of CHE ranking data, taking into account both absolute and relative invention numbers in the period from 2002 to 2004mehr

News 18.07.2006
Updated CHE-UniversityRanking

Under the German Academic Exchange Service has published its English translation of the CHE-UniversityRankingmehr

News 17.07.2006
CHE forecast for number of first year students until 2020

The study shows that the number of first year students will develop differently in each Land over the next 15 years. Available capacities in some Länder will only be able to support about one third of the anticipated increase state-widemehr

News 10.07.2006
Bologna process contributes little to convergence, but triggers serious national reforms

CHE and CHEPS present international comparison of reform of higher education degree structures in Europemehr

News 08.06.2006
CHE-Forum: Internal implementation of tuition fees

Lively exchange of stimulating ideas as well as snares and traps on implementation of tuition fees. Agreement: key success factor is the quality of the offersmehr

News 23.05.2006
International expert group defines principles on rankings of higher education institutions

The Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) hosted the second meeting of the International Ranking Expert Group (IREG) in Berlin. In order to set minimum standards for the quality of rankings, the group has compiled international principles on rankings of higher education institutions. The conference contributions discussed various approaches to ranking and methodical issuesmehr

News 10.05.2006
What student loans really offer: More than 40 offers tested by CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development in student loan test

CHE has submitted a comprehensive rating of the current student loan offers. Clear differences have been identified with respect to costs and risk limitation, but also what concerns the financing volume. The results are published in co-operation with the German business journal “Capital”mehr

News 03.05.2006
Results of current CHE university ranking

The quality of higher education institutions is again being tested. More than 280 higher education institutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were examined by CHE – Centre for Higher Education Development within the context of the biggest university ranking in German-speaking countriesmehr

News 21.04.2006
Successful examples for personnel development at higher education institutions

The expertise of higher education institutions in the fields of coaching, mentoring, career planning and everything else that belongs to modern personnel management is not employed systematically enough, and moreover, is hardly ever coupled to the strategy of organisation. A symposium of CHE and Stifterverband in Berlin introduced stimulating ideas for improvement mehr

News 05.04.2006
Target-oriented steering for Studentenwerk Berlin

A current CHE study develops the basic ideas of a new steering architecture in the relation between state and Studentenwerk. A proposal for the introduction of a model based on partnership is mademehr

News 31.03.2006
First rating for promotion of employability

Which higher education institution gets you fit for the job?mehr

News 13.03.2006
CHE comments on the first draft for the amendment to Saxony’s Higher Education Act

In a working paper, the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) has assessed the “Corner stones for a Saxon Higher Education Act of May 10, 2005”. On this basis, the CHE submits a statement on the first ministerial draft of the amendment.mehr

News 07.03.2006
CHE forum “Internal implementation of tuition fees”

In several German Länder the introduction of tuition fees is imminent. Three areas of responsibilities must be considered in the implementation processmehr

News 23.02.2006
Guide for higher education institutions for the introduction of tuition fees released


News 20.02.2006
First open portal for the new generation of young scientists


News 20.02.2006
CHE websites in new design


News 15.02.2006
CHE starts European Benchmarking Initiative (EBI)

The aim of the project is to improve approaches to benchmarking in Europe with a view to developing benchmarks for good practice in university governancemehr

News 16.01.2006
Illusion of equal opportunities among universities


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